11-12 Feb 2020 – Dubai to Auckland via Bali

Depart 02:00 on the 11th, arrive 05:25 on the 12th. Two flights on the same plane with a one hour stop at Bali where we had to get out, walk through the airport, have our hand luggage scanned again and reboard to the same seats.

This long haul flight was on a 777. The seats weren’t as comfy as the Airbus and the film selection appeared to be limited.

On our return to the UK I racked my brain for a while to try to remember the films that I’d watched then decided to visit the Emirates website to get a more complete list.

  • The Oscar winning Parasite
  • Storm Boy
  • Yesterday
  • Horrible Histories the movie – Rotten Romans
  • The Bromley Boys
  • The Tomorrow Man

and I listened to Dark Side of the Moon.

Next time I’m on a long haul flight I’ll make a wish list in advance.