17 Feb 2020 – Dargaville to Whitianga

It was a fairly long drive from Dargaville to Whitianga ( 5 hrs, 400km ) so we set off early and stopped for coffee at Warkworth, where The Brokenwood Mysteries are filmed. After a brief rest at the Riverview Cafe we went shopping for a cold block for our chilly bag, which Susan found at the Hunting and Fishing shop, then we did a grocery shop at New World.

We were fairly tired when we arrived at Whitianga. We went to Grace O’Malleys Irish Inn. It was quite busy. The food was just OK. We sat at a large table where a guitarist called Andrew White was chatting to some Americans.

When his party left we continued the conversation with the Americans. They too were enjoying the narrow windy roads and the help that the car offered to keep within the lines.