27 Feb 2020 – Blenheim to Kaikoura

The next morning I made breakfast in the shared kitchen near our motel room before we headed through more winerys and down the coast road to Kaikoura. It was a breezy day. Whale watching would have been uncomfortable.

En route we stopped to look at the aftermath of the 2016 earthquake that caused avalanches that closed the road and railway line for quite a while.

We stopped for coffee and a beach walk at The Store, Kekerengu. While coffeeing I read a photo journal about Neil Finn, his son Liam, grandson Buddy and family’s tour of tiny music venues in small towns in NZ.

On arrival at Kaikoura we had a picnic, visited Whalewatch Kaikoura to check it out and did a bit of shopping. Our motel in South Bay was adjacent to a paddock with three horses. That evening we visited a bar for a drink before getting take away fish and chips.