1 Mar 2020 – Greymouth to Franz Josef via Hokitika

It was another fine day when set set off to see the glaciers. Our first stop of the day was to take the obligatory photos at Hokitika beach, and to buy a new hat to replace the one I’d left at Kaikoura.

Next we tried to see the Franz Josef glacier. The cardboard ranger said the nearest we could get was 2000 metres. We took our picnic lunch along for the view.


Next we drove to Fox Glacier. After 20 minutes or so walking along the track to the viewpoint Susan gave up and turned back, taking the moraine walk back to the car. It turned out we were only a hundred yards from the viewpoint. Having done that I went as far as I could, where I met another cardboard ranger telling me I’d die if I went any further. I too returned by the moraine walk.

We returned to Franz Josef to do some shopping then checked into our accomodation, in the middle of nowhere, with views of the distant glacier. That evening we dined at the Grill N Wok before returning to the chalet to watch the sunset.