4 Mar 2020 – Wanaka to Queenstown & Bungee

After a short shopping / photography spree in Wanaka town centre we took the scenic route to Queenstown. While Susan went to get some essentials I went down to the lake to capture Wanaka’s scenic photo opportunity #1 – The Wanaka Wharf; #thatWanakatree ( already captured ) being number 2.

Once on the open road I noticed something flapping under the windscreen wipers. It was a $40 dollar fine for parking facing the wrong way – i.e. on the wrong side of the road.

When we stopped for a coffee, just outside Cardrona, the barista confirmed it was our fault for not checking, and that I could pay my fine online. Later, on arrival in Queenstown, we ensured we paid for our parking before visiting the lake. Graeme and Louise had suggested we try a Fergburger. It wasn’t hard to find. Since a) we had made a packed lunch and b) there was a big queue, we didn’t stop for a burger … perhaps later in the evening.

Instead, we headed out of town to find bungee jumpers.

This jumper needed some convincing. Susan Cowe Miller and I didn’t need another adrenaline rush. We’d already had ours; experiencing nearly half an hour of extreme parking in Wanaka’s s Helwick Street.

Posted by Herb Miller on Tuesday, 3 March 2020

That evening, after doing our laundry at the Colonial Motel, we went back to Queenstown centre for a beer, takeaway fish and chips and an evening wander along the lake shore. If we had gone for a Fergburger I’d probably have had a Sweet Bambi.