8 Mar 2020 – Twizel to Christchurch

Having decided that our last two nights in New Zealand would be in and around Christchurch we booked a motel – 136 on Bealey – and headed straight there. It was a bit drizzly when we stopped for coffee and to refuel at Fairlie but it had cleared up by the time we stopped for more fuel at Templeton, just outside Christchurch.

Since it wasn’t far to the City Centre we walked due south and soon found a load of empty car parks. We followed the tram route east and stopped for a coffee and cake at Bunsen, at The Arts Centre, just over the road from Christchurch Botanic Gardens.


It was in the gardens that I discovered more about the Eggy Panthers we’d been seeing all over the country – North and South Islands.

At the Dahlia beds Susan and I had a photographic competition, then we tried the same with a sculpture.


By about 6 o’clock we were getting rather peckish. We headed to Mexicanos in Victoria Street for quesadillas. I drank Three Boys IPA while Susan started with a Margarita then switch to cider.